Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas coma

Yes, dear internets, it is almost 3am Christmas morning and I am writing a blog... We finished the wrapping of many many presents just an hour ago, and now I am finishing up my white russian and having a chip or three while Bruce Almighty realizes that being God 'aint all that. I tried to be a good little Unclutterer disciple this year, but I just have to accept that it is extra-hard being reasonable in Toys-R-Us when you only have one wide-eyed Child to buy presents for. I thought I was doing well, until I got all her presents out of the bags and into a stack of to-be-wrapped Christmas joy. Insane. Total insanity. Insano-rama. We actually put some of the gifts back in the shopping bag to be dispensed at future gift-giving opportunities. There are only so many gifts a four year old can digest in one morning, and I'd say that even after we put some back, she'll be busy "digesting" for the next week. I also bought Hubby a few things, and though I haven't really peeked, I know he bought me a few things. The wrapping took on new seriousness this year for me though- I considered just leaving her gifts out on a couch-cushion like a giant store display, but I just love the unwrapping part. So, Santa had his own wrapping paper so as not to give away that I am Santa. I know she wouldn't notice for another year or four, but just in case.

I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas day filled with joy and family and at least one nap!

Merry Christmas!!

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