Saturday, January 31, 2009

Why I gave up on "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius"

I stopped reading it on purpose- and it may be the only book I've ever started reading which I consciously chose not to finish I didn't think it was engaging at all, and as a result the title made me angry whenever I picked it up- like "HA HA! SUCKER!" I wanted it to at least be sarcastic or funny or, oh... I don't know... ACTUALLY GOOD??

Friday, January 30, 2009

If I had easy access to a helicopter, I'd fly to Chicago this weekend

I have alot of friends there whom I haven't seen in ages, yet I live only hours away.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

If I were a superhero, I would certainly wear tights

My Superhero name would be Supermom. I would be able to make things happen just by thinking about them. I could get the dishes and laundry done just by seeing the clean dishes in the cabinets and the clean laundry folded in the drawers in my mind. I could make a gourmet meal just by seeing the food on the plate. The only catch would be that I would have to wear a special mind-wave blocking hat at all times, removing it only when I wanted to use my powers- this hat would prevent all the worrying I do from coming true by the power of thought.


I am currently lusting after this Reclaimed-Wood bed from Sundance Catalog. It showed up on one or two of my favorite design blogs a week or so ago, and I love it like I have loved no other bed before. We don't have anything near a bedroom set, and that means no headboard whatsoever- just our mattress on a bed-frame. I don't know why, but not having at least a headboard has always made our bedroom look more makeshift to me than anything else in our hodgepodge of a home.

Our house is furnished with 99% hand-me-down furniture, and a few select home-made items thanks to the Hubby's woodworking capabilities. The only furniture in our house that we have actually picked out and purchased is the two couches in our living room. Everything else, besides four bookshelves, and my worktable-top is "inherited" which means that my mother in law decided sometime in the past thirteen years that she didn't want or need it anymore, so it showed up in our house. The hand-me-downs are really not bad- they are usually good enough quality, though they are usually a couple of decades old at least, and they show it aesthetically... not to mention that they usually don't quite fit our needs exactly, so they are only about 50%-70% useful for their assignments in our house.

Added to that is the fact that we rent an old house which was obviously owned by deranged do-it-yourselfers with little need for closets, so we end up having to find jury-rigged solutions for issues such as no coat closet (that's the easiest solution- though hanging the coats on hooks by the back door means that I need to Febreeze my coats after any cooking involving breakfast meats or onions) or no Linen storage anywhere, or no closet at all in the largest bedroom in the house. And the fact that we rent means that we don't want to really fix these problems for the owners and contribute to someone else's bottom-line instead of our own..

One day soon I'll get to grow up all the way and buy a house and make it perfect for us, but in the meantime, I think I have some re-purposing to do...

Monday, January 19, 2009

A little diversion

Here's a little list of questions I felt like answering after seeing it on a blog- feel free to respond in the comments with your own list of answers to these questions!!

1. 3 living things you treasure

My Parents and Sisters
My Hubby
My Daughter

2. 3 non-living things that you treasure

Painting my dad put me in 'cause it was my (11th?)birthday.
Ceramic Christmas tree that was Jason's Grandmom's
Box my dad made and painted for me.

3. favorite time of the year and why

Fall- I love the crisp weather, the changing colors, the leaves on the ground, wearing jeans and sweaters but not a coat.

4. favorite things to wear

JEANS, Sweaters, my Fluffy White cotton-terry robe, my awesome Clarks slippers

5. are you a perfume wearer ? If yes, which one? / top 3 favorite smells

Summer: Demeter Honeysuckle
Winter: Calvin Klein Contradiction

6. favorite animal

Don't really have a favorite animal

7. top three events in your life(so far)

Marrying my Hubby (12 years ago! wow!)

Birth of my Daughter

Don't have a third one that rates as high as the other two yet...

8. top three favorite small pleasures

Long, Hot Showers
A good book that I can't put down

9. top 3 favorite places in the world( you have visited or would like to visit)

I would like to visit too many places to list- I want to see the whole world!!

10. top 3 favorite sounds

Birds Chirping

The soft quiet of a snowy/snowing night

Water sounds

11. top 3 favorite things to eat

Hubby's Homemade "Awesome Bread" with olive oil and herbs dip
a really good Caesar salad

12. 3 favorite favorites right now! (from etsy or elsewhere)

cloche hats
cuddly sweaters
big cozy afghans (can you tell it's winter??)

13. 3 small ways someone has made your day lately

The Wig supervisor on Happy Days saying he was hoping to get to work with me again.
Jason cleaned the Kitchen last night.
Sam cuddled with me this morning.

14. 3 small habits/quirks you have that make you specifically you!

I am contrary- I don't like to be predictable/ I am not interested in mainstream.
I am sassy- you know I'm comfortable around you when I start ribbing/sassing you.
I am unfailingly optimistic- I will always spin a situation to the positive.