Friday, November 14, 2008

anyone ever notice the word "Die" is 3/4's of the word "Diet"???

Back in high school I decided that I would never go on a "diet." It was somewhere between a comment about my sister not wanting to lend me a shirt 'cause "You'll stretch it out!!" and my mom saying how I looked so good "...You have a waist now!" after I had dropped a few pounds completely by accident. I am just a contrary person, and I refused to let those comments convince me that culinary torture was ever a good idea. (I do want to say, I would have stretched out my sister's shirt, had she let me wear it, and my mom truly thought she was complimenting me. I feel the need to defend them because I know my family has always loved me and never meant to judge- I hope).

I am thinking of these things lately, because I am 3 weeks into a YMCA membership that I have been faithfully using, and am determined to keep using. I am focusing on getting in shape, rather than being another woman who goes to the gym to lose weight and then begins stressing when her weight increases due to adding muscle. I haven't even weighed myself at all since I started going. More than anything, I want my heart not to freak out when I have to run up and down a set or three of stairs when someone forgot a piece of their costume during a quick change. I want to be able to know that I am heading off the overweight/unhappy, anti-exercise fate of some of the older women in my life.

The only catch is that I seem to be eating more junk than before, now that I am working out at least twice a week. I know, twice isn't much, but it's my minimum. If I make it three times, the hubby is required to literally pat me on the back. I am taking baby steps, not giant leaps and am seeing the results already. No, I'm not in a smaller size of pants, no, my waist isn't whittling at all that I can tell, but the treadmill practically had to walk me up a 90 degree cliff today to get my heart up to 80% of the maximum heart rate for my weight and age. I had to speed the thing up just to get it to let me walk on a steep-hill incline. I even considered hitting the "jog" speed button (4MPH) but I'm still a little afraid of that- plus I haven't bought any sports bras yet, and that is definitely a prerequisite before you'll get these 38 F's a-runnin'!

So back to the Junk food topic. I am normally pretty conscientious when it comes to choosing wisely and attempting to eat food that will work for me instead of against me. If I know I'm going into a stretch of work which will eat up my life, I make a point to stock up on food and snacks that will get me through the day with the minimum of junk food. But right now, for some reason (and I'm not saying it isn't PMS) I am eating horribly. I am spending my energy planning when I will get to the gym instead of what will I make for dinner, so dinner ends up being ordered/bought or scrounged. I will not deny that the girl and I ate my fabulous Parmesan-popcorn for dinner one night this month. :)

In my defense, I will say that I have noticed how AWFUL junk food tastes right after I have worked out- that's when I crave Sushi. Perhaps the answer is to work out three times a day so that the junk food always tastes bad when it comes time to eat, or maybe I should just drop by that sushi place that's so conveniently on the way home from the YMCA.

I am heading into a longer stretch of work beginning Monday, and I have stocked up on my Naked Juice, oranges and bananas, nuts and carrots, so now the only challenge is resisting the Dunkin' donuts and Starbucks (gingerbread latte) that are literally attached to the building in which I am working...

Wish me luck!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

So here's a flaw for ya!

Apparently, I don't blog whether I'm busy or not, or perhaps it's more truthful to say that the not blogging when I'm busy makes me feel guilty enough not to blog at all when I'm not "Busy"- by which I men when I'm working on a show/project.

blah blah blah on to some real content!

I have been visiting a website that is inspiring me in a way that scares the Hubs. It is and I wish that I had a team of cleaners/movers who could come over for a week or two and tackle my house with me one room at a time. I would love to remove every item from my house and re-think the whole shebang. I feel like I spend far too much of my off-time either shuffling clutter around or procrastinating on shuffling clutter around. I work for two weeks, and then wake up on my first day off and have to transport a waist-high mountain of laundry to the basement, and do the dishes in shifts, and pick up all my daughter's books and movies off of the floor in front of her bookshelves.

Now, I do not mean to say that the Hubs does nothing around here- he does. It's just that we both have a certain level of tolerance for things-left-undone, and between the two of us, we can let things get backed up to the point where it takes a concentrated effort and a weekend to catch up on it... And if that ooks you out, then just keep it to yourself. At least I'm owning this for everyone to see!

So while I dream of sparkly floors, and glinty cleanness, My time "off" wanes. I am starting the next show on the 17th and then it's back to the ol' pile it up and leave routine around here.

In other news, I never did get a break come September 13th when my last show opened. I got a job teaching a class at my Graduate Alma Mater and have been doing that every monday since the beginning of august. It is a challenge, but I do think it's testing my teaching ability and refining it. So that's good. But I'm still driving that 120 miles every monday.

Also, I have a new toy. All this nonstop working has earned me the right to buy my own laptop. My very first non-hand-me-down laptop. At 34 years old. Hubs is the one with bazilliobites of info to manage on his computer, so he has always been the one to upgrade and I have always inherited his computers when they became too small for his large brain. Now, I have my very own laptop which I researched and comparison-shopped and said the final "yes" on. I feel so grown up and stuff. So now I am trying to keep the decluttering trend going on my desk. And so far so good -I have a couple of empty drawers, and an obsessive habit of checking Craigslist for a new, more streamlined desk that I love enough to put in my living room. No luck on that yet.

So, one week left before I have to rejoin the costume-force, and I'd better stop blogging today and get to doing. First, wash face and put on clothes; Second, go to library (as promised to the Girl); third, go the Y to workout; fourth- I don't really have that step yet, but there's a mountain of laundry in the hall upstairs and a work-table full of stuff in my workroom that needs to find it's home once again...