Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I am currently lusting after this Reclaimed-Wood bed from Sundance Catalog. It showed up on one or two of my favorite design blogs a week or so ago, and I love it like I have loved no other bed before. We don't have anything near a bedroom set, and that means no headboard whatsoever- just our mattress on a bed-frame. I don't know why, but not having at least a headboard has always made our bedroom look more makeshift to me than anything else in our hodgepodge of a home.

Our house is furnished with 99% hand-me-down furniture, and a few select home-made items thanks to the Hubby's woodworking capabilities. The only furniture in our house that we have actually picked out and purchased is the two couches in our living room. Everything else, besides four bookshelves, and my worktable-top is "inherited" which means that my mother in law decided sometime in the past thirteen years that she didn't want or need it anymore, so it showed up in our house. The hand-me-downs are really not bad- they are usually good enough quality, though they are usually a couple of decades old at least, and they show it aesthetically... not to mention that they usually don't quite fit our needs exactly, so they are only about 50%-70% useful for their assignments in our house.

Added to that is the fact that we rent an old house which was obviously owned by deranged do-it-yourselfers with little need for closets, so we end up having to find jury-rigged solutions for issues such as no coat closet (that's the easiest solution- though hanging the coats on hooks by the back door means that I need to Febreeze my coats after any cooking involving breakfast meats or onions) or no Linen storage anywhere, or no closet at all in the largest bedroom in the house. And the fact that we rent means that we don't want to really fix these problems for the owners and contribute to someone else's bottom-line instead of our own..

One day soon I'll get to grow up all the way and buy a house and make it perfect for us, but in the meantime, I think I have some re-purposing to do...


Cara said...

Make a headboard: get decent phywood, cut to shape and size, paint or stain or cover with fabric, attach to two 1x2's, attach 1x2's to wall. It's not a "real" headboard, but it will look good. And we totally get you about the old house with no closets. Our house has huge but weird closets upstairs, but not even a towel cupboard downstairs. Where are you supposed to keep the vaccuum? Ugh.

BeFri said...

Oh, I totally feel ya on the desire to finally grow up and get a house. Your situation sound so like mine. I love the bed. Maybe your handy hubby could make it for you?! It looks pretty simple. My hubby is not so handy - I own the toolbox in our house - er apartment!