Sunday, August 8, 2010


I'm decluttering a bag of Chips right now. Yes, I'm decluttering them, not just eating them! It seems our family gets to the bottom of a food-package and loses interest in it with about one and half servings left, so we end up with a shelf full of mostly-finished bags of chips and boxes of Cereal and packages of cookies. And yes, I help perpetuate that by going ahead and buying a new bag/box/package before the first one is gone, so we end up opening a new package and eating that down to about one and a half servings, rinse and repeat...

I just got back from a 3 week vacation in a beach-house which had just enough sheets/towels/for one per person/bed, and just enough multipurpose pots, pans, dishes and utensils to serve the average beach-house vacationer's temporary needs. We were never without what we needed to cook a dinner for 20 (yes 20!) people, but we never had multiple, say, baking pans to choose from for that homemade Lasagne ( thanks mom, that was awesome!). So we never were without and yet the cabinets!! They had SO MUCH ROOM!

So I return from said amazing and yummy beach-house vacation and my first morning waking up in my home, I felt so much heavier- and not because of the awesome food, but because we just have so much stuff! Ugh! It was making me angry and depressed just sitting at my desk, knowing that all that Stuff was looming around me! I feel like I'm always getting rid of multiple garbage bags worth of Stuff and yet I really don't remember me buying any of it! ( It's called *Clearance-shopping-Stuff-Loving-Mother-In-Law-Syndrome, BTW) 99% of our furniture was handed-down or "inherited" from other family member(s) (See above *). We really don't buy Stuff!! I have more than I want already!

So, I have been picking little areas of the house and decluttering them. I'm aiming for two little areas a day until I go back to work on Wednesday ( and The Girl goes back to school, *Sniff, Blubber*). But I have a creeping feeling I could stay busy with Decluttering for the rest of my month, no-Year, no- LIFE! ugh. I need a shower just to declutter the ideas in my head now...

P.S.- Two posts! In One Week! I'm patting me on the back now!! :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Underacheivers Unite!!

So. In my spare time, I read some Blogs. Apparently I read more Blogs than the average mom- at least according to my older sister who is mom to three boys ages 3-10. While I'm certain I probably read more blogs than her, I just want to point out that I am a mom to one calm and precocious almost-six-year-old girl. I think I can safely say that I have a few more hours to devote to "leisure" than she does just in general. So yeah. I guess I read alot of Blogs.

I was doing my customary Blog-reading just now and it occurred to me. These people post at least once or twice a week- sometimes more- on their blogs. Right now I'm doing good to get one Blog posted per year. So, I decided that what the internet is missing is a blog by an underachiever! Like me! Isn't this exciting that I posted this year?! So, though I haven't come here often, I still remember that this Blog exists- and I usually even remember my login info for my account. Aren't you proud of me?! And no, there may not be alot of pretty pictures, or any format changes in the last year or two, but that's what you should love about this blog. You can come back here 364 days a year and SEE THE EXACT SAME THING! Isn't that comforting in this crazy changing world of economies and natural disasters? I thought so.

You're Welcome.