Monday, March 30, 2009

Here is a video for a song called "It's Amazing" by Jem. At first I watched it because her name is Jem- Helloooo! GEM?? I wanted to see if she was a worthy Namesake, and ended up inspired. My Favorite Lyric is " ...nothing can compare to deserving your Dream."

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's Shake and Bake... and I helped!!

The weather here has been more warm than cold lately and this has prompted me to want to let girl go bump around in the yard more- only problem is that we have a not-so-private or attractive chain-link fence around our yard, and it's just off a busy street with some foot-traffic. Also, I realized that once the girl gets out there she has only a couple of choices of things to do- play with a ball or, um, pick up sticks?? So- inspired to give her something to wrap her imagination around- Hubby and I decided to build a playhouse for her this past weekend. We got the Frame together Sunday, and she already spent three hours playing outside with the neighbor kids yesterday. I also used the opportunity to learn how to wield a circular saw. (And no, I didn't hurt anyone doing it!) Girl and I primed the frame and wall-boards yesterday, breaking in her overalls with some respectable splotches of Primer, and Hubby stayed out after dark to put the walls on. It is progressing nicely, and I am pretty excited to get it done. I would guess that it won't really get done until this coming sunday, but we are sticking with it- that's the one thing Hubby and I love- a good building project. So hopefully I will have finished pictures to post by next week. In the meantime, here is a pic of where we were as of Sunday evening!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Snuggie and me, we can climb up a tree!

I love my Snuggie!! It was actually a Valentine's present from the Hubby, but I was so happy to get one! My four-year-old daughter immediately exclaimed "...and you'll have the freedom to use your arms!!" I think she might watch a bit too much television...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Try try again

Yesterday was the Hubby's birthday. He is so old! (I can say that because I'm actually two years older) so I tried to actually make a birthday cake from scratch. Technically it was a bunch of little cakes- strawberry shortcakes to be exact. I have always claimed to love baking (more than cooking) and yet never really bother with it anymore. More than anything lately, I find myself reading websites with great cooking and baking and creative ideas but not ever getting around to actually doing any of it. I always blame my weird and unpredictable work schedule for this lack of action, but the truth is, I think, that I have just plain gotten lazy. I remember spending whole days in my teenage years in my room hot-gluing fabric to those little green plastic berry-baskets from the supermarket. I made scrapbook style photo albums (of course that was before you could just store digital images on your computer, and before someone decided that "Scrapbooking" was a hobby to be marketed) which I still have and look through from time to time.

I did pretty good with the shortcakes, despite putting an extra egg-white into the dough ( a real-life reminder to read any new recipe thoroughly before beginning). They weren't very puffy, but they tasted fine, especially once I heaped the strawberries and real whipped cream on them, but I am still going to try again today.

I also will start carving out time in my day to spend "in my Workroom." I seem to have developed this unneccessary "rule" that I should only create things that have a use. It's not a terrible rule, but I think its keeping me from just going in there and puttering around- and that is keeping me from the process that makes for the best discoveries. So, onward and upward- to the workroom, that is!