Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's Shake and Bake... and I helped!!

The weather here has been more warm than cold lately and this has prompted me to want to let girl go bump around in the yard more- only problem is that we have a not-so-private or attractive chain-link fence around our yard, and it's just off a busy street with some foot-traffic. Also, I realized that once the girl gets out there she has only a couple of choices of things to do- play with a ball or, um, pick up sticks?? So- inspired to give her something to wrap her imagination around- Hubby and I decided to build a playhouse for her this past weekend. We got the Frame together Sunday, and she already spent three hours playing outside with the neighbor kids yesterday. I also used the opportunity to learn how to wield a circular saw. (And no, I didn't hurt anyone doing it!) Girl and I primed the frame and wall-boards yesterday, breaking in her overalls with some respectable splotches of Primer, and Hubby stayed out after dark to put the walls on. It is progressing nicely, and I am pretty excited to get it done. I would guess that it won't really get done until this coming sunday, but we are sticking with it- that's the one thing Hubby and I love- a good building project. So hopefully I will have finished pictures to post by next week. In the meantime, here is a pic of where we were as of Sunday evening!

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