Friday, March 20, 2009

Try try again

Yesterday was the Hubby's birthday. He is so old! (I can say that because I'm actually two years older) so I tried to actually make a birthday cake from scratch. Technically it was a bunch of little cakes- strawberry shortcakes to be exact. I have always claimed to love baking (more than cooking) and yet never really bother with it anymore. More than anything lately, I find myself reading websites with great cooking and baking and creative ideas but not ever getting around to actually doing any of it. I always blame my weird and unpredictable work schedule for this lack of action, but the truth is, I think, that I have just plain gotten lazy. I remember spending whole days in my teenage years in my room hot-gluing fabric to those little green plastic berry-baskets from the supermarket. I made scrapbook style photo albums (of course that was before you could just store digital images on your computer, and before someone decided that "Scrapbooking" was a hobby to be marketed) which I still have and look through from time to time.

I did pretty good with the shortcakes, despite putting an extra egg-white into the dough ( a real-life reminder to read any new recipe thoroughly before beginning). They weren't very puffy, but they tasted fine, especially once I heaped the strawberries and real whipped cream on them, but I am still going to try again today.

I also will start carving out time in my day to spend "in my Workroom." I seem to have developed this unneccessary "rule" that I should only create things that have a use. It's not a terrible rule, but I think its keeping me from just going in there and puttering around- and that is keeping me from the process that makes for the best discoveries. So, onward and upward- to the workroom, that is!

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