Thursday, December 4, 2008

Light at the end...

I am so close to the "easy" part of December that I can taste it! As of Opening on Friday night, I am down to just showing up to work the show at the Symphony. Hubs and The Girl had their stage-debut last night at the dress rehearsal of Act II, and I was trying so hard to peek at The Girl that I forgot to peek at Hubs' butt- that's my little backstage tradition from the previous two years, so when they ran it again, I made sure to peek! Wouldn't want Hubs to feel left out!

The Girl did smashingly- luckily her co-kid onstage is 6 years older, so she has a coach of sorts right at her side. But I was nervous that she would notice all the people watching her and decide it was the perfect venue to do a little soft-shoe for her fans.

Now we will live in the theatre until December 23rd, at which point we'll stumble out into the christmas eve-eve night with sore feet and bags under our eyes and stockings full of secret santa gifts, and then go home and sleep. alot.

I hope our cats do the dishes while we're gone...

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