Sunday, April 19, 2009

Things you never thought to wonder

Squirrel Poop is Green- like grass. Ew.

Now on to what I have been up to:
I have been on a bender lately. Spring Cleaning season just happened to coincide with a chunk of time off for me this year so, for the first time in three years I have gotten the clutter in every part of the house under control all at once. I have spent the last couple of weeks de-cluttering and deep cleaning every room in this house. Every room except Hubby's "Study"- I'm no delusional masochist! We also got a new Vacuum a few weeks ago when I realized that the cordless 12 volt stick vac was kicking my big vacuum's butt. It was time to retire that poor thing- 13 years is alot of heavy abuse for one little Eureka. So, armed with my new rockin' Vacuum, I have cleaned and cleaned and I finally feel like I own my possessions instead of my posessions owning me. We ended up donating 7 bags of clothing/shoes/handbags and a truck-bed full of other Household Items to Goodwill. Even our Garage got the spring cleaning treatment- which is when I learned what color Squirrel poop is. Luckily, I did not have any
close encounters with it (unlike Hubby).

Now the real challenge is going to be keeping it this way. eeek!

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