Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rosemary Triscuits

Me: (to Hubby) These things have too much dang seasoning on them!! If they had just put some actual rosemary in a regular triscuit, they'd be good! Instead, it's like a crap-load of "seasoning powder" with a little bit of triscuit thrown in! These suck!!! URGH!!

Hubby: ( giving me that "you is ca-ray-zay" look) You seem really worked up about this. (Mental Subtext: Please don't hurt me I didn't make the triscuits)

Me: I'm not really worked up, I'm just annoyed!!

Hubby: Well, you sound really worked up about it...

Me: I always sound "really worked up" about things that I'm only annoyed about- you should know that by now (mental subtext: now that we're in our 12 year of marriage and 14th year of kissing each other)!

Hubby: .... ( Imagined mental subtext: "Okay, I'm walking away now because you are scary")

I am scary-sounding sometimes about things I'm really only annoyed about. I have been told this since approximately 6th grade when a surprisingly astute fellow-sixth-grader told me I often sounded angry when I said things, so maybe I should watch that. I don't know when I sound overly-angry. I only know I'm doing it when Hubby gives me that Look. Oh well, for the record, I DO try!


Beth Laske-Miller said...

For the record, I have also tried them, and found them to be way heavy on the seasonings, which really annoyed me because I usually find Triscuits to be a bit on the bland side. SO why did they go to the opposite extreme, rather than just making something tasty????? Why???

The Witty One said...

Rosemary grows in both my front and back yards. (Yes, I do mean to be gloating about this California climate.) Come over with some plain Triscuits and we can get all Rachael Ray with 'em. Seriously, I'm in worked-up Amanda withdrawal! Find a cheap flight or something!