Wednesday, June 11, 2008

So many inspirations, So little time

I have been spending alot of time following links on my favorite websites lately, and I am just itching to create. I am about to begin the intensive phase of my latest Costume Design, and so I end up sitting on the couch doing nothing instead of up in my fabulous workroom being industrious. Part of the problem is that I have so many projects floating around inside my head that I just can't decide what to do first. I need to switch my procrastination technique from manic cleaning, to manic crafting. You can always tell when I have "work" looming because suddenly it is very important that I sort through all the old figure drawings in that under-bed box, or Hubby walks in to find me scrubbing something with my pink cleaning-toothbrush. So I am going to start small and say that the first thing I am going to start is a small wrist-bag that will hold my essentials.

Summer always inspires me to streamline- my beauty routine, my hair, my clothes, my house...and my purse. All that extra just makes me hotter when the temperature climbs above 70 degrees. So I will begin with my purse (and I've already cleaned out the basement, so I'm all fulfilled in the cleaning department for awhile). I will post the progress here, of course, so stay tuned!

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