Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mama got a new pair of shoes!

So, it has been a week or three.... Welcome back to me! I am in the throes of loathing and passion that is known as "one Week before Dress Rehearsal" on my latest show, and that is the only excuse I have for not being more present. I drive 120-ish miles each day that I go to the Costume shop for fittings or to stock to try to squeeze the proverbial water out of the proverbial rock of Costume Stock to attempt to stay within my show budget. More often it's more like wrestling with 200+ suits of a given color/style crammed into three feet of space in a room which has not been air-conditioned (or left open to air out) for 20+ years. Needless to say, there is a lot of sweat and gas-money involved in this enterprise. I can spare the sweat- it's the gas- money that really hurts.

Among the least-favorites of putting a show together is the "I-need-to-walk-ALL-DAY-but-would-prefer-to-have-well-supported-yet-cool-feet" dilemma. I always turn to my Nike crosstrainers in situations like these, but I know there's a better answer, and I have been determined to find it. In my line of work, a shoe MUST support, and if it looks cute at the same time, then you are truly a lucky person. Luckily for me (and unluckily for my bank account) my search for the perfect costume item takes me into any and all retail stores in a 80-mile radius from my house and/or costume shop. So, upon finding myself at a DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse for those who have not encountered said shoe-mecca) I look for the shoes I need for the show and then reward myself with 30-45 minutes of looking for shoes for myself. By this point my feet- though well supported, feel as though they are being cooked in a pizza oven and this is when I am at my weakest- I know I am SO CLOSE to the Walking Shoes of God... all I need to do is seek and I shall find.

I did find!! I hope. I bought a pair of sandal-y sneaker-y shoes made by Tsubo- a brand I have never before encountered, but look respectable, supportive and COOL! Link shows the closest pic I could find online...

I bought them in a neutral slate color with kicks of teal and I can't wait to give them the ol' 12hour shopping trip test. (Well, I'd be perfectly happy not running that test for a full 12 hours, but usually by hour five you know if you're doomed.)

SO we shall see if my new shoes are the answers to my prayers, or just another pair in closet. in the meantime, stay tuned!

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